How Much Is Murphy Gas? A Comprehensive Guide :

Greetings, and welcome to our comprehensive guide on Murphy gas prices. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Murphy USA is a retail gas station chain that operates across the United States, with over 1,500 locations in 23 states. In this journal article, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about Murphy gas prices, including current rates, historical trends, and FAQs.

Current Murphy Gas Prices

As of August 2021, the average price of regular unleaded gasoline at Murphy USA gas stations is around $2.89 per gallon. However, it’s worth noting that gas prices can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as location, time of day, and local market conditions. To get an accurate and up-to-date price for Murphy gas in your area, we recommend using their online price checker tool on their official website.

Factors Affecting Murphy Gas Prices

There are a few key factors that can affect the price of Murphy gas at any given time. Some of these include:

  • Global oil prices: The price of oil on the global market has a direct impact on gas prices throughout the United States, including at Murphy USA gas stations.
  • Supply and demand: Local market conditions, including supply and demand for gasoline, can also impact prices at Murphy gas stations.
  • Taxes: State and federal taxes can also influence the price of gas, as they are often included in the final price you pay at the pump.

Murphy Gas Prices by State

As previously mentioned, Murphy USA operates in 23 states across the United States. Gas prices can vary significantly depending on your location, so here’s a breakdown of Murphy gas prices by state as of August 2021:

State Average Price (Regular Unleaded)
Alabama $2.89
Arkansas $2.79
Colorado $3.18
Florida $2.94
Georgia $2.95
Illinois $3.09
Indiana $2.99
Iowa $2.87
Kansas $2.89
Kentucky $2.84
Louisiana $2.83
Michigan $3.05
Minnesota $3.02
Mississippi $2.83
Missouri $2.82
New Mexico $2.95
New York $3.20
North Carolina $2.92
Ohio $3.00
Oklahoma $2.75
Pennsylvania $3.08
South Carolina $2.74
Tennessee $2.91
Texas $2.77
Virginia $2.91
Wisconsin $3.03

Historical Trends in Murphy Gas Prices

Gas prices are notoriously volatile, with fluctuations happening daily, if not hourly. However, there are some notable trends and patterns that can be observed when looking at historical data. According to GasBuddy, a popular gas pricing website, average gas prices at Murphy USA gas stations in the United States have fluctuated between $2.00 and $3.50 per gallon over the past five years.

Factors Contributing to Historical Trends

There are a number of factors that have contributed to these historical trends in Murphy gas prices. Some of the most notable include:

  • Global oil prices: As previously mentioned, global oil prices have a significant impact on gas prices throughout the United States. Any shifts in global oil prices can be quickly reflected in the price of gas at Murphy USA gas stations.
  • Seasonal shifts in demand: Gasoline demand tends to increase during the summer months when more people are traveling, which can lead to higher gas prices. Additionally, regional factors like storms and natural disasters can increase demand and drive up gas prices as well.
  • Local market conditions: Local market conditions, such as supply and demand for gasoline in a particular area, can also contribute to fluctuations in Murphy gas prices over time.

Murphy Gas FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Murphy gas prices:

How Do I Find the Lowest Murphy Gas Prices in My Area?

The easiest way to find the lowest Murphy gas prices in your area is to use their online price checker tool. Simply enter your zip code or city and state, and the tool will display a list of nearby locations and their current prices. Additionally, you can use GasBuddy or other gas price tracking websites to compare prices at multiple gas stations in your area.

Why Do Murphy Gas Prices Fluctuate So Much?

As previously mentioned, Murphy gas prices are subject to a variety of factors that can cause fluctuations on a daily or even hourly basis. Global oil prices, seasonal shifts in demand, and local market conditions can all play a role in these fluctuations.

Are Murphy Gas Prices Higher or Lower Than Other Gas Stations?

Murphy gas prices can vary depending on your location and the current market conditions. However, according to GasBuddy, Murphy USA gas stations tend to offer prices that are slightly higher than the national average. That being said, there are plenty of instances where Murphy gas prices are lower than those at other gas stations in the same area.

Can I Get Rewards or Discounts on Murphy Gas?

Yes! Murphy USA offers a variety of rewards and discount programs for customers, including the Murphy USA Drive Savvy Rewards program and the Murphy USA Platinum Edition Visa card. These programs allow customers to earn points on gas purchases that can be redeemed for discounts or other rewards. Check out their website for more information.

Do Murphy Gas Prices Vary by Payment Method?

No, Murphy gas prices are the same regardless of how you choose to pay. However, if you use a credit card to pay for your gas, you may be subject to additional fees or charges depending on your card issuer’s policies.


And there you have it! A comprehensive guide on Murphy gas prices, including current rates, historical trends, and FAQs. Keep in mind that while gas prices are always subject to fluctuations, understanding the factors that contribute to these fluctuations can help you make more informed decisions about when and where to fill up your tank. Happy driving!

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